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What to do in Madrid


Lavapies is the multicultural and alternative district of the cultural city center of Madrid. Take a few wines or cañas (beers) and have some small dishes at the Vinícola Mentridana (c / San Eugenio, 9) late in the evening. Enjoy the Madrid museum Museo Reina Sofíaand its excellent terrace and café. If yours are classic films, pass by the Cine Doré, an old cinema dated 1912 (c/ Santa Isabel 3).

Another place we like to recommend is El Sur, in the street Torrecilla del Leal. If you walk down the steep street until it ends up near to the Plaza de Lavapies, you´ll find one of Lapepa chic b&b´s favourite Madrid pubs: the bohemian Café Barbieri. Go back to 1902 and taste its unique, decadent ambience. Lapepa chic b&b recommends the Automatic bar or La Bucca del Lobo and its interesting dishes. In the square you will enjoy Madrid culture by looking at the contemporary architecture of Paredes&Pedrosa through their work for the CRC, the Teatro Valle Inclán or ancient Olympia Hall, which coexists with the traditional “corralas”, the typical domestic buildings which are really traditional.

If you speak fluent spanish, is really worth to get some tickets, even then it is going to be a hard task. It is easier to get them for any other activity of La Casa Encendida (the most avant-garde scene of the capital) or for the Sala Mirador (c/ Doctor Fourquet, 31). The neighbourhood programs many plays, matches of improvisation and contemporary dance in their countless alternative theatres such as the Sala Triángulo or La Escalera de Jacob.

But if that should not fit into your plans, you will be able to take a walk through Senegal or India while watching normal life played in the madrilenian corralas by going to the Escuelas Pías (c/ Tribulete, 14), builded eighteenth century. It belongs nowadays to one of our many universities, la UNED, and is a great example of contemporary architectural rehabilitation and nice example of respect to tradition and creativity. In the summer it boasts a terrace café-restaurant with a nice atmosphere and excellent views of the lavapiés rooftops and the imposing ruins of the lantern of the crumbling Church.

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